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Frequently Asked Questions
Undergraduate Academic Programs

Specifically, which undergraduate majors are no longer accepting freshmen applications?

Effective immediately, the following majors will no longer enroll freshmen students:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Exercise and Sports Science
  • Marketing (changed to Consumer Behavior)

It looks like all of the majors in engineering except Biomedical and Chemical Engineering are no longer accepting freshmen. What will happen to Biomedical and Chemical Engineering?

You are correct; only the Biomedical and Chemical Engineering majors will continue to accept freshmen. These two programs will be part of the new School for Science and Engineering.

Which undergraduate schools now award degrees?

As a result of the academic reorganization, the following schools will now award degrees to undergraduate students:

•  The School of Architecture
•  The A. B. Freeman School of Business
•  The School of Liberal Arts (includes the majors in arts, humanities and social sciences previously offered in Newcomb and Tulane Colleges)
•  The School of Science and Engineering (includes the mathematics, neurosciences and science majors previously offered in Newcomb and Tulane Colleges and the Biomedical and Chemical Engineering majors previously offered in the School of Engineering)
•  The School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

How do the changes to Newcomb and Tulane Colleges affect my major?

It does not affect your major at all. Tulane University will continue to offer all of the majors that are presently offered in Newcomb and Tulane Colleges. The majors offered by Newcomb and Tulane Colleges have been reorganized into two new schools: the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Science and Engineering.

How do I know which school is now responsible for my major?

The Major & School Chart lists all of the majors and their new school affiliations.

If I am a current Tulane student will any of the changes alter my degree requirements?

No, the new degree requirements will take effect for the freshmen class enrolling in the fall of 2006. As a current student, you will continue under your existing set of degree requirements. Of course, you are invited to participate in public service even though it is not required for your degree

I am currently enrolled in Newcomb College. Will I get my degree from Newcomb College?

A. Any student who graduates prior to the beginning of the fall 2006 term will receive their degree from the school or college in which they are currently enrolled. Students graduating any time after the beginning of the fall 2006 term will receive their degree from the school responsible for their major as outlined in Major & School Chart.

Will my scholarship be affected as a result of all the reorganization?

No, none of these changes will affect your scholarship. Your scholarship will be continued at the same level for as long as you meet the qualifications for the award. In those cases where the scholarship was for students enrolled in a specific school or college, an award of an equal amount will be made to offset any loss of funds that might result from the change in the collegiate structure.

I am in one of the majors that will no longer accept students. How long do I have to complete my degree?

Tulane is committed to making it possible for all students who entered the university in the fall of 2003 or earlier to complete their entire program at Tulane. Students entering in 2004 or 2005 may be able to complete their program through a combination of options including: attendance in the Lagniappe term, summer sessions, course waivers, course substitutions and transfer credit for courses taken at other institutions. Details regarding these options will be distributed shortly.

When will the reorganization actually occur?

The school and college reorganization will take place this summer after the close of the 2005/06 academic year.

What is the Undergraduate College?

The Undergraduate College is the academic unit that will provide services to all undergraduates, regardless of their major. The College will provide academic advising services, assist students in completing their public service requirements, and house the Study Abroad and Honors Programs. The College will also oversee the completion of the core curriculum that will be required of all new students starting in the fall of 2006.

Who is in the Undergraduate College?

Starting in the fall of 2006, all undergraduate students will matriculate into the Undergraduate College. In addition, all students who have declared a major will be assigned to one of the degree granting schools. So, for example, if you are a junior majoring in English you would be a student in The Undergraduate College enrolled in the English major offered by the School of Liberal Arts.

Is it true that all first and second year students now have to live on campus?

All freshmen admitted in the fall 2007 term and after will have to live on campus for a minimum of two years. Freshmen enrolling before then will have to live on campus for at least one year unless they are residing at home with their families.